Chapter 24

On Chapter 24 we investigate one of the strangest creatures I have ever heard of. The Whintosser is a fearsome triangular log with more legs than necessary. While no one who has encountered one has lived to tell the tale, we know they are there hiding out there in the burned out forests of California…waiting…

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Chapter 21

On Chapter 21 we travel to the wild and wet Rainforest in search of the elusive Giant Anaconda. This cryptid is arguably the sneakiest of snakes, lurking in the murky waters of the Amazon River waiting to rip your face off. Well, at least that’s what we assume….

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Chapter 2

The Encantado roughly translates to “the enchanted one”. These creatures are often known for having extraordinary musical abilities, love getting it on and attending lavish parties. Now that I think of it, Justin Timberlake may be a dolphin man…

If you would like to hear more about Greg and all his fedora wearing charm swim on over to Chapter 2.

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