We love hearing weird stories. Here are a few that our friends have shared.

If you have a weird story you’d like to share with us, get in touch.

Oliver, part 2

Oliver is one of our favorite people and has many weird stories, we love when he can share!

Brenda & Steve

We travel a long and winding road to visit Brenda and Steve in their beautiful home built in the 1700’s. But they aren’t the only ones
living there.


On this episode we welcome as our guest, the brilliant and hilarious Teresa Sheffield to tell us something weird. She reveals a “crime” from her past involving a holographic Charizard Pokémon Card (I mean we’ve all been there) and her first hand account of Snipe hunting. Come along with us as we keep it weird! You can find out more about Teresa on her website: https://www.teresasheffield.com/ Or follow her on Twitter: @Terfleaza


We have a new series of minisodes on American Unicorns called Tell Me Something Weird. This is a segment where we invite guests on the show to tell us something weird they have encountered in their lives. Our first episode features Oliver, a friend, beer enthusiast
and writer.